Research Reports

E-Cubed Ventures provides strategic advice and ongoing intelligence about emerging technologies and markets. Leaders in science, business, technology and government rely on us to help them make informed strategic decisions. Our unique research framework and approach provides bottom up analysis that identifies leading innovation indicators ahead of market trend recognition. Our insight, connections and competitive intelligence helps a variety of stakeholders align and focus on creating well informed market decisions.

E-Cubed Ventures performs rigorous analytic research, using both quantitative and qualitative tools. Some of our research capabilities include the following:

  • IP landscaping
  • IP analysis of corporate and institutional patents areas, offering strategic insight about opportunity and challenges for start ups and existing players
  • Technology landscapes for emerging market areas
  • Market intelligence to provide forward-looking analysis to assess innovation assets
  • Innovation scouting to identify key regional innovators driving science and technology developments
  • Metric based performance tracking, measuring impact and calculating return on investment for regional initiatives
  • Cluster analysis of products and technologies and alignment with growing market areas
  • Gap analysis to determine optimal paths to market opportunity via a variety of different approaches, including licensing, strategic partnering, acquisition and innovation engineering

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