eCubed Ventures Investor Network is by invitation only.* Members get access to unique pre-screened, angel investment opportunities. eCubed Ventures’  broad expert network in emerging themes and connectivity to centers of innovation and entrepreneurs is leveraged to scout and identify new deals. For accredited investors who would like to participate in our deals, please contact Shrikant Lohokare via AngelList to view investment portfolio and to participate in the syndicate

We bring well developed deals and a complete venture management infrastructure to maximize returns. We operate within the innovations ecosystem and work with a variety of stakeholders, ranging from technology users and different types of investors, including corporate venture arms, angels and institutional investors.

eCubed Ventures open innovation strategy and approach employing cutting edge  proprietary methodologies and tools to mine innovations, identify and screen those that align with high potential market outcomes. In doing so, we help optimize and maximize the value of technologies for acquisition, license or investment.

eCubed Ventures is seeking individual investors with an acumen for emerging innovation and markets and an interest to share their knowledge, experiences and insights with talented entrepreneurs creating new businesses. eCubed Ventures has access to a steady flow of pre-screened technology deals through its broad network of entrepreneurs and investors. eCubed Ventures network provides early stage capital to start ups and strong connectivity to broader markets. eCubed Ventures investor network draws from a diverse set of business and technology backgrounds as entrepreneurs, CXOs, board directors with a great deal of industry experience and connectivity.