What We Do

Innovation: Innovation provides competitive advantage, whether it is iIconsInventorLRGn the Silicon Valley, Boston, or across the globe. E-Cubed Ventures brings a distinct innovation framework for enabling successful innovation development and has a strong team of experienced professionals. We provide a wide range of innovation and acceleration service designed for early stage start ups to Fortune 100 corporations. Our breadth of services include scouting of key innovation themes that match corporate strategic areas of keen interest and opportunity.Read More Here »

Our clients are innovators: inventors and entrepreneurs. They come from diverse areas of the economy including universities, research centers and technology parks. We help these clients move viable innovations to commercial market by carefully developing their technology while analyzing and matching it to market demand. We help build bridging mechanisms to deliver technologies that align with market demands and opportunities – providing a unique marketplace offering. Our unique concept-to-commercialization acceleration and framework methodologies helps inventors focus on their work with the necessary resources to build a sustainable business.Read More Here »

IconsInvestorLRGInvestment: We bring comprehensive venture management infrastructure to grow a start up or technology and maximize returns. We operate within the innovations ecosystem and work with a variety of stakeholders, ranging from technology users and different types of investors, such as corporate venture arms, angels and institutional investors. E-Cubed Ventures uses its proprietary methodologies to mine innovations, identify and screen those that align with high potential market outcomes. In doing so, we help optimize and maximize the value of technologies for acquisition, license or investment.Read More Here »