Who We Are

E-Cubed Ventures is a leading innovation and venture acceleration firm. We also provide innovation and business growth strategy services to help bring our clients innovations to market..

E-Cubed Ventures approach is uniquely focused on a select set of convergence themes of technology, science and markets and informed by a proprietary, proven innovation framework. E-Cubed Ventures uses a set of proprietary tools and methodologies to identify high-potential, emerging technologies as well as compelling market disruptions or incremental innovation opportunities. Our approach involves rigorous analysis of both demand and supply-side market participants, using E-Cubed Ventures analytic innovation pipeline framework, thus supplying key insights to informs technology development and market alignment opportunities.

Our focus on cross-cutting themes gives us a strategic set of lenses in which we focus on key enabling technologies and bring the necessary technical and business assets together to bridge and efficiently move innovations to the marketplace. In doing so, we create strong value propositions for investors, corporations and institutions. Our network of expert science, engineering, intellectual property associates are deeply embedded in the innovation ecosystem. When these varied resources are combined, they yield great value for stakeholders across the full span of the technology landscape: from scientists working on the next breakthrough to engineers building strong products and investors growing companies.