We at eCubed Ventures believe that advising entrepreneurs is essential in helping move early stage companies forward to realize their full potential. Entrepreneurs and their early ideas for technology businesses benefit from the appropriate alignment of resources and skills to help it grow, whether that is divining a go to market strategy and partners, or providing the insights of the best sources of capital to take the technology to its next stage. In the ancient meaning of Greek mythology, a mentor was Odysseus’ trusted counselor, under whose disguise Athena became the guardian and teacher of Telemachus. And that translates into today’s meaning of a wise and trusted counselor or teacher. Our approach is to advise and bring highly motivated entrepreneurs, scientists or engineers, the very best skills, expertise and capabilities to help accelerate their venture. Entrepreneurs can’t afford to waste time in their quest to build a great business built to last. Our networks are wide and deep and help open doors and connect early stage and mid stage companies to critical resources.

Our clients benefit from working with eCubed Ventures in several ways.

  • Provide hands-on advisory role to high-quality startups
  • Deliver needed technical and business expertise, market analysis and strategy
  • Help connect to potential partners and corporations
  • Cutting edge insights into several industry verticals

Some of the start-ups we’ve advised:

Capism Foundation Logo        PV Evolution Labs Logo         Meylah Logo       SiNode Systems Logo       Yactraq Online Inc. Logo      Sequella, Inc. Logo

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